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Tropical Tri

Come ride, run and/or swim with us August 13, 2016 in the Tropical Triathon, road bike, mountain bike, run, swim and kids events in Springville, UT!  You can choose which events you want to do or do a little of everything!  Feel free to dress in tropical attire, as we will give an expensive prize to the best costumes for males and females!  It is a non-profit, free event, with cash prizes for the top male and female winners of each event (except the kids event)!  All finishers of each event get a prize donated by local bicycle shops and our other sponsors!  For each event you participate in you will get points for your placement in your age division, and there will be an expensive prize for each age division winner who has the most points after all the events are completed!

Registration for each event will be for 15-30 minutes immediately before each one starts, so you don't need to show up at the beginning if you aren't doing the first events.  This will give you enough time to drop off bikes or vehicles farther up the road for transitions and drive or ride back in time for a warmup.  If you are doing multiple events in succession, you can register for all of them at once so that you can quickly transition from one event to the next.  If you miss the start time of the next event because you are still finishing a previous event, you can write your finish time in the binder (which we will use as your start time for the next event) that will be there and we will adjust your finish time in the next event, and you can just continue on to the next event on your own.

7:00-7:25 am Road Bike registration at Knight Picnic area, 6433 Right Hobble Creek Rd (Google Maps pin location: https://goo.gl/maps/cS7zEkDaobP2) After registration please drive up to Balsam Campground upper parking lot and leave vehicle there with mountain bike inside or locked onto it if desired, and ride road bike back down to the start. If you are only doing the road bike race, then you can stay parked at the Knight Picnic area.

7:30 am Road Bike 6 mile climb (asphalt)

7:45 am 3.5 mile mountain bike /run registration Balsam Campground upper parking lot (6 miles up from the fork, the last large parking lot 0.5 miles before the dirt road begins).  If going to run, we recommend driving up the finish and locking a mountain bike up to a tree so you can ride down on the way back, then driving back to the start.

8:00-8:15 am put road bikes into or locked on vehicles and get out mountain bike or put on running shoes

8:15 am 3.5 mile Mountain Bike or Run climb (dirt road) (bikes vs runners should be interesting!)

9:00 am 400 M run registration dirt parking lot 0.25 miles from the junction at the top of Right Fork Road

9:15 am 400 M Uphill Run up to junction (then walk back for a cool down)

9:30 am ride mountain bikes/drive down to Balsam parking lot (running downhill is not advisable due to the joint impact)

9:45 am load mountain bikes into vehicles at Balsam parking lot, drive down to
Wayne Bartholomew Family Park

9:45 am 200 M Swim registration Wayne Bartholomew Family Park, 1090 South 2900 East/1900 E

10:00 am put on wetsuits and life vests (required) for swim

10:10 am kids registration

10:15 am 200 M Swim in the pond (adults and advanced children)

10:25 am kids run & or bike around the pond (asphalt path) & shallow 50 m swim/water run (1-2 feet deep depending on the age of the kids 

10:30 am Awards Ceremony!  $10 cash prize to the winner of each event except kids events ($40 possible if you win 4 events), Age Division and finisher prizes, pina coladas, tropical fruit, and other tropical refreshments!

More details can be found in the facebook group "Uphill Cycling Series" and the website www.uphillcyclingseries.blogspot.com.

6:30 am (optional) longer road bike option (not part of our event): ride up Hobble Creek from the mouth of the canyon or from your home to add some more miles!  (You won't be able to have your mountain bike for the upper portion but if you have a high traction road bike tire you could continue on since it is a flat dirt road) 
Unlike a typical triathlon, each event will start at a separate time, allowing some of the slower participants to catch up a little to be able to start the next event closer together, but still a short enough time to allow the top competitors just enough time to catch their breath and switch bikes etc and not lose their warmup (about 15 min between events).  We will also reverse the order of the events to allow you to swim when it is hotter as a refreshing cool-down after the other events.  Most triathlons have the swim first but this often leads to hypothermia as it is still cold in the morning, then jump on a bike in wet clothing which increases the windchill, and many runners have to warm up before getting on the bike.  Then in regular triathlons, the event that makes you the hottest is at the end, the run, in the hottest time of day.  The reason most triathlons do this in this order is to prevent drowning from fatigue, so if you do the swim first you won't be as fatigued, however the swim in our event will be so short and with flotation devices so we don't have to worry about that.

 Participants will sign a waiver to participate at your own risk.  There is no life guard at the pond.  You need to watch for vehicles on the roads, as they are open to the public.  There may be some cows along the road section, and some cow grates, so proceed with caution on the narrow roads and stay single file on the right side of the road.  Also, carrying bear spray, making noise, or riding with others is advisable in bear country.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Most races are on the 2nd Saturday each month, but some are on or close to holidays.  More details are on the facebook group.


2016-17 SCHEDULE:

FAT BIKE SERIES: (fat tires only on snow-covered roads)

December 10, 2016: Santa Ride, Santaquin Canyon, Registration 9:30 am, Start 10 am

January 14, 2017: New Years Ride & 2016 Mileage Awards, Hobble Creek Right Fork, Springville, Registration
9:30 am, Start 10 am

February 11, 2017: Valentine's Ride, Payson Canyon, Registration
9:30 am, Start 10 am
2017 MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES: (dirt bike trails)
March 11, 2017: St. Patty's Ride (St. Patrick's Day is Mar 17), TBA, Registration 2:30 pm, Start 3 pm 
April 15, 2017: Easter Race, TBA, Registration 2:30 pm, Start 3 pm, Easter is Sunday April 16

2017 Mountain Bike Series:

May 27, 2017: Memorial Ride, Single Track Trails (all bikes welcome), Registration 8:30 am, Start 9 am

June 10, 2017: Country Race, (Part of Orem Days Celebration), Orem Bonneville Shoreline Trail Dirt Road (Mountain Bike), Registration 7:30 am, Start 8 am

July 4, 2017 : Freedom Ride, Provo, 4 Mile Mountain Bike, Registration 6:30 am, Mountain Bike Start 7:00 am

August 5, 2017: Lindon Days Mountain Bike, Run

September 9, 2017: 9-11 Patriot Day Race,
Mountain Bike, Registration 8:00 am, Start 8:30 am  

October 28, 2017: Halloween Night Ride & Run, Suncrest, Alpine/Lehi, Registration 5:00 pm, Start 5:30 pm 

November 18, 2016: Thanksgiving Ride, Lehi Rail & Murdock Canal Trail?, Registration 9:00 am, Start 9:30 am